Interior window shades shading the windows of a Tucson, Arizona home

Window Shades & Rolling Shutters: Cooling Your Home Effortlessly

As residents of the state know, the Arizona sun can be relentless, causing indoor temperatures to soar and energy bills to skyrocket. Tucson Rolling Shutters & Screens presents a formidable solution: the strategic combination of window shades and rolling shutters. Together, these two window treatments create an unparalleled defense against the heat, establishing a cooler,…


Introducing SkyShades

Tucson Rolling Shutters & Screens, always at the forefront of innovative outdoor solutions, is excited to introduce our latest game-changer: The Tucson SkyShade. Crafted with precision and the needs of the Arizona resident in mind, these horizontal self-tensioning retractable patio awnings promise to revolutionize your patio and outdoor experiences. Why SkyShades? Unlike traditional patio awnings…

solution screens

Are Solar Screens Worth It? Understanding The Investment

Arizona, with its relentless sun and scorching temperatures, presents homeowners with unique challenges. One such challenge is keeping homes cool without escalating energy bills, and an emerging solution is the installation of solar screens. But the question remains, are solar screens truly worth the investment? Let’s break down the benefits of solar screens and evaluate…