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Our Solution Screens Provide Greater Durability Than Traditional Solar Screens

Solution Screens are exterior motorized retractable solar screens that stop heat from entering your home in Tucson. They allow you to enjoy the beautiful view outside. Compared to traditional types, we provide the Tucson community with solar screens that offer greater durability along with fabric options. We feature solar screens that are among the world’s widest retractable styles.

The biggest benefits of choosing Solution Screens:

  • Stop Heat
  • Keep Your Beautiful View
  • Block UV Radiation
  • Prevent Glare
  • Stop Prying Eyes
  • Keep Pests Out
  • Keep Pets In
solution screens


The solar screens we make are designed to stop 95% of the radiant heat before it gets into your home. This can help your rooms at a cool temperature without taxing your AC, saving you money on energy bills.

To ensure maximum durability for homeowners in Tucson and Southern Arizona, our solar screens are tested on weight loads of up to 850lbs. Even better, each of our solar screens also uses aircraft grade aluminum to guide the screen up and down. Our premium materials work to provide the top of the line durability needed for your solar screens.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our fabrics must be strong and stable to endure the massive wind and extreme heat conditions present in Tucson, Arizona. This helps ensure our solar screens will consistently keep your home cool and comfortable. We offer a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on all of our exterior fabrics against defects, rotting, and fading.

Relying on standard blinds to handle the hottest days in Tucson means higher energy bills and discomfort for you and your family. Not only can our solar screens do everything window blinds can do, but they can also do it better with added benefits! Looking to upgrade your home’s look and feel? Consider upgrading to our solar screens in Tucson today!

solution screens
solution screens

For privacy and protection

Up to 95% of radiant heat and ultraviolet (UV & UVB) rays are stopped by solar screens from Tucson Rolling Shutters & Screens. That means your home will stay cool and your furniture won’t be faded by penetrating sunlight. With differing degrees of openness available, our screens absorb heat and glare, while preventing prying eyes from seeing in.

Explore your fabric options

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solution xtreme screens

Screens built for large patio openings up to 32ft. wide

The Solution Xtreme screen offers Tucson residents all the same benefits as the traditional solar screen. This screen is built for large patio openings over 18ft wide! With the Solution Xtreme screen, you can create a protective, temporary outdoor living space anytime you need it throughout the year.

Commercial Solution Screens

Solution Screens can also provide your Tucson business with solar protection. By using our solar screens, you will be able to better regulate the temperature in your property which means less money spent on energy bills and more savings for your business.

solution screens
solution screens


We love our new Solution Screens! They are really keeping down the temps on the West side of our home. Mike did a great job with the installation and all the old holes (from the old awning) were nicely patched and painted. They were sure to be neat and did a great job cleaning up.

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Our solar screens are available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and openness, with optional electronic upgrades.

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