Window Shades

Block out the heat and save money on your energy bills with interior shades.

Our interior window shades offer optimal privacy, with eight different weaves that offer a variety of visibility options. Whether you want to let some light in or completely black out a room, our shade fabrics will meet your needs.

Energy Efficient Window Shades for Your Home in Tucson

Our interior shades can also help improve energy efficiency for your home in Tucson. Roughly 40% of heat buildup and heat loss happens via doors and windows. Here in Tucson, Arizona, temperatures can regularly exceed 100° F. This means, without the right type of shade, your AC could be working harder than ever. Our energy efficient shades can get rid of a great deal of that heat, saving you money on your energy bill.

Motorized Interior Window Shades

Operate our motorized window shades via remote and switches, or even integrate them with a pre-existing computerized home automation system. Screen widths range from 18 inches to 30 feet, and varying motors can be used for any size. Our motorized shades are extensively tested from the start to ensure we are able to provide the most effective shades to Tucson as well as the entire state of Arizona.

Manual Interior Solar Screens

Our manual window shades are operated with a simple clutch and chain. Each clutch has been tested to a 10-year lifecycle to ensure operation for many years to come. Manual shades span anywhere from 12 to 108 inches.

Office Window Shades

Commercial Window Shades

Bring in the sunlight on your terms with our commercial window shades. Our interior shades improve can the workplace by reducing radiant solar energy, heat, and glare. They also decrease energy usage by allowing more natural light to come indoors. This increase in natural light has also been determined to increase employee productivity and decrease absenteeism.

Part of what separates Tucson Rolling Shutters & Screens from the rest is our consistent communication with our customers. If you have a request or concern for window shading for your business, Tucson Rolling Shutters & Screens will be there to help.

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REALLY great to work with a company that has awesome customer service and attention to exacting detail from the President to the staff in the shop. Highly recommend!!

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Our interior shades are available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and openness, with optional electronic upgrades. Whether you are looking for shades with manual ease-of-use in mind or would prefer to have them motorized, we have a wide variety of shades guaranteed to help you decide what’s right for you.

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