Offering the greatest security & privacy

Rolling Shutters

Offering the greatest security & privacy

Rolling Shutters

Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc. manufactures top quality aluminum rolling shutters for your home or business. These rolling shutters consist of foam filled slats contained in a housing that mounts above your windows, doors, or patios.

The slats gently glide within side rails to close down securely. Foam core slats stop 99% of the radiant heat from entering your home or business. Rolling shutters will save on the cost of energy needed to heat or cool your home, thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

The foam insulation also reduces unwanted noise from the outside. You can raise the shutter to the “vented” position for ventilation and soft lighting inside. Rolling shutters give you total privacy when rolled down, so no one can see in. They block out 99% of the light and glare for daytime sleeping or theater room enjoyment.

Rolling Shutters

Commercial Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters are widely recognized by law enforcement agencies as a major deterrent to crime. They automatically lock when completely down, offering no easy pry points for forced entry.

Our commercial rolling shutters offer total protection for your home or business. They also protect your windows and doors from vandalism or forced entry.


Your rolling shutters will operate with a remote control that can mount to the wall if you choose. You can also operate up to 15 different shutters from your remote control.

Manual controls are installed close to your shutters. That way, you can open and close your shutters as needed without the need of a remote control.

Plus, if any of your motors or electronics fail, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Tucson Signature Series Motors and Electronics.

Secure Your Home with Rolling Shutters

During a meeting with Tucson Rolling Shutters, we’ll educate you about your shading and security needs. We’ll see if you need shutters or if you might benefit from one of our other products.

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