Window Shades

Block out the heat and save money on your energy bills.



M Screen Transparent Fabric

The M Screen is a tightly woven transparent fabric. It comes in 3% & 5% openness factors. There are 40 different colors to chose from.

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E Screen Transparent Fabric

E is the most simple screen in design. The coated fiberglass yarns are woven in a typical box pattern. This creates the most unobstructed view possible. Available in 1%, 3%, 5%, & 10% openness factors. There are 10 different colors to choose from.

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T Screen Transparent Fabric

T screen is a coated fiberglass fabric with many patterns woven into the design. It only comes in a 3% openness factor but is one of the few screens that has a light color side and a dark color side on the same piece of fabric. Available in 24 different colors.

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Flocke Blackout

Flocke Blackout Fabric

Totally opaque fabric made of woven fiberglass that is coated with white acrylic on one side. Made for total room darkening, privacy, heat protection. Difficult to clean if soiled. Available in 5 different colors.

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Housing Fascia

Fascia Cover

This is an aluminum housing used to cover the screen roll and hardware at the top. We offer three and four inch fascia in our six standard colors. For an additional charge we can custom powder coat the fascia to match any color.

Housing Niche

Niche Cover

During construction a recessed niche area can be created to hide the screen above the window. We use an aluminum niche cover to hide the screen yet still offer access to the screen. We offer two and three inch niche cover in our six standard colors. For and additional charge we can custom powder coat the niche cover to match any color.

Housing Exposed

Exposed Roll

The basic screen design has the screen roll and brackets exposed without any cover.

Mounting Options

Mounting Surface


Mounting Pocket


Housing Exposed


Motorization & Electronics

Effortless remote control and programmable settings for optimal convenience and comfort. Manual operation options are also available.

solution screen remote

Square handheld radio remote

Operate your screens through walls and floors inside or out. A magnetic wall-mounted base provides you with a convenient place to store your remote.

All remotes are available with 15-channel or single-channel control. 15-channel control allows you to operate 15 different screens, or 15 groups of screens. This option still includes a master channel to operate everything programmed simultaneously. Single-channel control allows you to operate only one shutter or only one group of shutters.

Control your screens from your Android or iOS device

We are proud to offer a free app for controlling your screens from your phone! The app allows you to create a different scene for how you like to use their Solution Screens, including a timing function for preprogrammed operation at set times.

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