Offering maximum durability

Solar Screens

Offering maximum durability

Solar Screens

The solar screens we make are designed to stop 90% of the radiant heat before it gets into your home. This can help keep your home at a cool temperature without taxing your AC, saving you money on energy bills.

For maximum durability, we test our screens on weight loads of up to 850 lb. Even better, each solar screens also use aircraft grade aluminum to guide the screen up and down. Our premium materials work to provide the top of the line durability needed for your solar screens.

Solar Screens - Solution Xtreme

Tucson Solar Screen

Our first product and one of our best. We can also outfit the TSS with a sun/wind sensor, which will deploy the screen on sunny days and retract them on windy days.

And, if you’re not satisfied with the durability of your solar screens, our fabric has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. This guarantees the strength and stability of your screens for years to come.

Solution Screens

Along with 90% heat blockage, the Solution Screen also stops 95% of the ultraviolet (UV) radiation entering your home. Each Solution Screen uses specially coated fiberglass which provides maximum visibility and maximum insulation. During the day, you can see out while absolutely no one can see in.

Exterior Patio Solution Xtreme Screens

A patio screen can be incorporated into a patio design with many choices of application. The most common detail is the soffit fit. A niche is built into the ceiling or soffit area on a patio. This cavity is the mounting location for the screen mechanism and motor. The screen virtually drops out of the ceiling when needed. An access panel is used to cover the cavity and can be removed for maintenance.

Rolling shutters can be soffit mounted as well. The motor and axle assembly are all contained in the ceiling area for a clean look. An exterior access panel can be removed if needed.

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All of our solar screens have a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. This guarantees the strength and stability of your screens for years to come.

Call Tucson Rolling Shutters to plan your in-home estimate. We walk you through the entire process, analyze your shading and privacy needs, and give you the tools to pick a system for yourself.

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