Are you interested in protection from the elements?

Tucson Rolling Shutters can help you. Whether you are seeking protection from the Arizona heat and winds, or protection from insects — our products can help. Protect yourself and save on your energy bill each month with any of our rolling shutters, exterior solar screens, and interior window shades.

Solar Screens - Solution Xtreme

Heat Protection

Our screens can block up to 95% of all solar radiation coming into your home. This can help cut down on cooling by up to 60% saving you money while keeping you cooler.

Additionally, our shutters are filled with insulated foam that can prevent up to 99% of radiant heat from getting into your home. This foam also helps to maintain the rigidity of the shutters.

Weather and Storm Protection

We offer different rolling shutter slats with varying degrees of protection. We can suggest a slat that will exceed all your storm protection needs.

Our Mega Shutter with extruded 70mm slat was hurricane tested and passed the 250 mph/161psf test. Our Solution Screens have a coil zipper and pressure absorbing gasket to handle wind. They are so strong and durable that we offer warranty in any wind speed.

Insect Protection

If you want to sit outside on your patio without being bothered by insects, our all-weather Solution Screens can help you. These screens can help preserve the visibility of the outside while letting you enjoy the outside unbothered. Plus, our Solution Xtreme model screens can go as wide as 32 feet, giving you the most protection possible.

Protect Your Home

For the best protection for your doors and windows, contact Tucson Rolling Shutters now. Our team can give you a free estimate for your project.

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