Do you want to cut down on the noise and activity going on outside your home?

Tucson Rolling Shutters can help give you complete seclusion from the outside world. Whether it’s just to block prying eyes or even to reduce sound, we can help. Plus, our products can be customized to give you the best privacy possible.

Rolling Shutters


For enhanced security and privacy, our security shutters are your best option. Our shutters roll over doors, windows, and other areas around your home. Each shutter system also reduces noise by up to 60%.

Plus, each shutter has a T-block auto lock, which was specially invented in-house by Tucson Rolling Shutters. The T-block auto lock prevents your shutters from being forcibly rolled up. This enhances your security and gives you the peace of mind you need.

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Achieve complete blackout in your home with our solar screens. From our basic interior models to our exterior Solution Xtreme screens, we have many different kinds of fabrics to guarantee that no one sees in your home.

These retractable solar screens stay secure thanks to our Zip Tension system. Each screen is tested by up to 850 lbs of force, helping your screen stay tight and in place against the highest of stresses.

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Get Reliable Privacy Solutions for Your Home

Tucson Rolling Shutters provides a free in-home estimate for your project. We also work with you to build a fool-proof privacy plan that is guaranteed to keep you safe.

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