Three Locations In Tucson

ShowroomOracle Showroom

We have a great showroom with everything on display.  You can stop by and see how the screen runs or try out one of the manual shutters and see why so many people choose motorized.  Gwen is there to help answer all your questions. 



Shutter Manufacturing Manufacturing

This facility opened in 2007 with the need for additional space and equipment.  A full powder coating line was added to reduce inventory and order times.  The computerized equipment includes One of the most labor intensive parts of building shutters is the assembly of the slats together to make a mat.  It is just one of the many machines to help us make a perfect finished product.



Building smallCorporate Office & Screen Manufacturing

Our Corporate office is also a working showroom. Each window has built-in rolling shutters and retractable solar screens for exterior protection.  The large front windows also have quiet motorized interior screens.  Attached to the corporate office we have our screen systems manufacturing.  Here we manufacture all our Solution Screens, Solution Xtremes, Tucson Solar Screens and Tucson Interior Screens.


We Build What We Sell

We take manufacturing to a new level with automated machinery and well planned systems.  Rolling shutters, exterior screens, interior screens and specialty projects all have well established processes and equipment.  We have over 25 years of manufacturing experience and it shows in every screen and shutter we produce.  We control the product quality and our standards are high.  We constantly evolve and improve our product lines for our customers.  We use fabric, electronics, slat and components from the best suppliers in our industry.  We use companies we can trust so when we put our stamp on the finished product you can trust it’s the best retractable product on the market.


    Welder 001Impulse Welder

    To have the best products you must have equipment that will produce the best results. This is our 20 foot impulse welder. This machine will automatically fold and weld our screen fabric. Impulse welding creates the best bond without damaging the core fiberglass.


    P1000735Shutter Mat Machine

    One of the most labor intensive parts of building a shutter is the assembly of the slats together to make a mat. This computerized mat machine automatically takes full length bundles of slat and cuts the slats to size.  It then slides them together, inserts end plugs, staples the plugs, and produces a mat rolled up ready to be loaded into the shutter,

  • rail machineGuide Rail Drilling Machine

    Each guide rail for shutters and screens must have mounting holes pre-drilled before installation. This machine uses 10 drill heads to simultaneously drill the front and back of each rail before going to the powder coating line.

  • Picture 006Powder Coating Line

    With the addition of our new Rolling Shutter manufacturing plant we added our own electro-static heat cured powder coating line. We cut and rack the raw aluminum extrusions. The racks go into an eco-friendly acid bath for cleaning and come out through a metal bonding sealer. The racks are then put in a spray booth where colored powder is electro-statically charged and bonds to the negatively charged aluminum. The powdered rack is moved into our 30 foot oven and baked at 400 degrees until the powder cures. This process yields a durable finish which exceeds the most vigorous powder testing standards including 2000 hour salt spray testing and shock testing.

  • photo 5 Computerized Fabric Plotter/Cutter

    Fabric panels are laid out and cut in minutes on this machine. The software maximizes cuts and reduces waste. The machine cuts to within 3 thousandths of an inch so panels are straight and square every time.