Offering the greatest security & privacy

Rolling Shutters

Offering the greatest security & privacy

Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters are mounted over windows, doors, patios or anywhere a secure insulated barrier is needed. These shutters offer the most privacy, offering almost zero visibility inside your home. Your doors and windows have never been safer.

Along with almost zero visibility, our shutters can reduce noise up to 60%. For enhanced security, the shutters use T-Block auto locking. This helps prevent forced entry from the outside when your shutters are completely closed.

Rolling Shutters


The slats are also filled with dense foam for insulation and rigidity. This foam is the same material you would find if you cut open your refrigerator.

The foam core stops 99% of the radiant heat from entering your space. By deploying the shutters, you can cut up to 60% of your cooling bills.


Your rolling shutters will operate with a remote control that can mount to the wall if you choose. You can also operate up to 15 different shutters from your remote control.

Manual controls are installed close to your shutters. That way, you can open and close your shutters as needed without the need of a remote control.

Plus, if any of your motors or electronics fail, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Tucson Signature Series Motors and Electronics.

Secure Your Home with Rolling Shutters

During a meeting with Tucson Rolling Shutters, we’ll educate you about your shading and security needs. We’ll see if you need shutters or if you might benefit from one of our other products.

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