2014011495140430Since the early 1900s, people around the world have enjoyed the security, privacy, and energy efficiency of exterior rolling shutters. Early shutters from this century-old technology used to be heavy and cumbersome.
In marked contrast, today’s shutters are made of streamlined roll-cast aluminum, and they are available in a wide variety of colors. Combined with the latest operating options, they provide pleasing aesthetics, excellent functionality, and unprecedented convenience.

1979 Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc., introduced exterior rolling shutters to Tucson. Since then, we have become one of the largest companies of our kind in the western United States.





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In 1989, TRS started rolling shutter manufacturing in southern Arizona. This established our company as a dominant force in rolling shutter manufacturing throughout the area. Producing finished shutters locally allowed better pricing, higher quality, and shorter lead times.

In 1994, TRS developed the Tucson Solar Screen. This new product line optimized solar control without blocking the view of the outdoors. Tucson Solar Screens have been a huge success, and are recognized throughout the solar control industry as “The New Standard” in exterior, retractable, solar screens.

In 1998 TRS developed a comprehensive plan for wholesale distribution of shutters and screens through a North American network of authorized dealers. Our dealer network makes it more convenient than ever for people to own products from Tucson Rolling Shutters. Today, that network includes more than 130 companies located throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

In 2000, TRS rang in the new millennium by moving to a new, state-of-the-art facility across the street from our original location.

In 2001, we introduced the industry breakthrough Tucson SunFix® Screens. The revolutionary self locking tension system stabilizes exterior retractable screens using convenient interior controls. It keeps them hanging flat and tight. With Tucson SunFix® Screens, we bid farewell to unsightly bungee cords, tie-down straps, or springs and cables used in other types of retractable solar screens.

In 2005 TRS unveiled Tucson Interiors, our complete line of premium interior window coverings.  View screens, deco screens, room darkening back out shades, semi-translucent privacy shades are just some of our many different choices of interior products.

In 2010 TRS introduced the Solution Screen and the Solution Xtreme Screens.  These new zipper screens are the result of continuous research and development for several years.  The Solution Screens were an instant success with our customers in retail and wholesale all across the country.

2013 TRS engineers a new product for a Telescope project in Hawaii.  The Tucson Louver System is composed of several 7″ aluminum blades mounted in a frame that pivot open or closed with the touch of a button.

2013 TRS makes a perforated single wall security slat that actually offers security and visibility.

This is just the latest way we keep pace with your solar protection needs.

By maintaining our strong line of existing products while introducing new innovations, we keep improving your options. Find the highest quality solar protection products available from a single source: Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc.

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