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Thanks to our Authorized Dealer Network, Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc., products are available throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada. Whether you’re an EXISTING DEALER, a PROSPECTIVE DEALER, or a STARTUP BUSINESS, we have the opportunities for you. Come join us for an opportunity.

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If you are currently an authorized Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc., dealer, we’re pleased to welcome you to our exclusive AUTHORIZED DEALER AREA*. It contains documentation, downloadable forms with examples, and other important information.

Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc. is constantly seeking dealers who want to grow their business and offer their customers the best products available. Our current dealer network comprises over 60 companies located throughout the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Mexico, and Canada. These companies are selling products from Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc., and creating satisfied customers across North America. As the demand for rolling shutters and solar screens rises, we look to our authorized dealers to provide a wide variety of products and services in their markets.

Adding Tucson Rolling Shutters, Tucson SunFix Screens, Tucson Solar Screens, and Tucson Interiors to your line of professional quality products is the perfect way to increase your annual sales. For instance, one company sold only fire places, stoves, and stove inserts, but they wanted to extend their product offering to offset their naturally slower sales in summer months. By adding our products to their existing line, they saw a significant increase in their year-round sales.

Interested? Read on to find out more…

Initial Contact: Once you CONTACT US, you will receive an information and marketing kit explaining Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc., product offerings.
Business Goals: After you review the materials, we can discuss benefits of becoming an authorized dealer. The discussion can be tailored specifically to your short- and long-term business goals; together we will work to increase the success of your business.

Authorized Dealer: We can help you and your team become experts at selling and installing our retractable products. This is the most important part of a successful relationship! You must be willing to let us help train your installation team!! Our products are easy to learn and are similar to awnings or other retractable products.

Referral: Our products are so popular that we receive constant requests from across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. We refer these customers directly to their nearest Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc., authorized dealer. With this cooperative effort, everyone in our dealer network benefits from our rapidly increasing customer base.

First Order: Once you have measured a job and filled out the appropriate request forms, you then submit them for manufacturing. This first job must be pre-paid.

Manufacturing: We custom manufacture your product to your specifications and ship it to you. The turnaround time, from order submission to product shipment from our warehouse, is 10 business days in most cases.

Shipping and packaging: We always try to stay on the cutting edge of technology in our products and now our packaging. We now use injected foam packaging to get the product to your door safely. This new packaging and our relationship with Yellow freight have made happy dealers even happier.

Installation: Products from Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc. are designed for straightforward installation. As additional support to help your installations go smoothly, we have competent TECHNICAL SPECIALISTS* on hand to answer your installation and technical questions. For especially large or challenging installations, we even have INSTALLATION PROFESSIONALS* who can be sent to your location to guide you through any installation. (*Restrictions apply.)

Warranty: The outstanding quality of Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc., products assures your clients of years of trouble-free operation. You can rest assured, too, knowing that our products are backed by our warranty. In the unlikely event of product malfunction we are prepared to give you the support you need to maintain the status of your satisfied customers.

Service: Products from Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc. are built to last… and last… and last. They should serve your customers far beyond our 5-year warranty period. This means they may eventually require minor service and repairs that fall outside of the generous warranty period, yet well within their useful life. Once again, we will be there for you down the road. We have been in business since 1979, so you can count on us to back you up for many years to come as you service what you sell.

Join Us!: With a reputation for unsurpassed quality and product support, Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc., leads the way in rolling shutter and automated screening system manufacturing. Our prospective dealer information kit will introduce you to the ways that becoming a member of our authorized dealership network can help your business grow. If you would like a prospective dealer information kit, please CONTACT US.

Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc. offers a unique opportunity for individuals and partnerships to sell our products in their local areas. This program is for startup companies who are ready to hit the ground running. This is different from our authorized dealership network, which is for established businesses that wish to add our products to their existing product line.

Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc. offers this business opportunity to individuals and partnerships that have access to the initial capital required to start a new business. This capital goes only toward starting your business, not to us! Our role in your business development is to provide you with marketing plans and materials, to give you assistance in planning and organizing your business to sell our product line most effectively, and to manufacture and provide those products for you in a manner that meets or exceeds you and your customers’ expectations.

Starting your own business isn’t for everyone. But if you’re ready to participate successfully in the fast-growing rolling shutter and solar screen industry, then we have the right business model for you.


Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc.
500 E. 27th Street
Tucson, AZ 85713

e-mail: dealerinfo@tucsonrollingshutters.com
Phone: 520-798-1294 or 1-800-687-2559
Fax: 520-622-1455

Tucson Rolling Shutters. Join us!


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